World Trade Center Oculus

      Beneath the Chambers Street/World Trade Center subway stop in New York City, was laid an occult symbol in 1998 that millions of Americans looked upon without noticing it’s inherently Satanic overtones.

      It is pertinent that the Oculus floor mosaic, also depicts the Earth’s 7 continents around the periphery of the elliptical border, with the Eye of Horus in the center of the vortex pulling all nations towards its center. This is close as you are going to get to explicit One New World Order iconography.
      The symbol is known as Oculus. “Oc’ is also the root of the Latin word for eye – oculus. The word, Occult, actually means hidden and is often represented by a closed eye, or a winking eye. (“annuit” = winks)

      The mosaics, which have been installed beneath the World Trade Centre station complex in 1998 consist of over 300 different mosaic “Oculus” eyes, based upon actual human eyes taken from photographs.
      Knowing that the United States would be undergoing a transformation into a surveillance state of unparalleled proportions, one would imagine the last thing New York citizens would need is to have an artistic reminder of Big Brother eyes staring out at every juncture.

Memorial at Ground Zero, Sep. 11 2002

Is this eye formation just another coincidence?

      Photographer James Estrin saw the event from an 8th floor building across the street. He later recalled observing a wind blowing during the ceremony which brought up dust across the centre of the circle and served to accentuate the feeling he had that the place was “alive”.

      Then a massive Oculus was constructed at Ground Zero in 2016, that can open and close... or wink. Due to the poor design, both symbolically and architecturally, there have already been two deaths on the escalators.