The Economist

      The Economist is a London based company with Rothschild as a shareholder. The 1988 issue of The Economist alluded to a global currency. The depicted coin, called the Phoenix, can be seen with their target date of 2018. The phoenix symbol can be seen in Roman, German, Rothschild and American seals.

      The April 6th, 2019 issue of The Economist titled "Redesigning Life" (as if they were God), with a cover depicting a man and woman (holding an apple) in what resembles a demented sort of Garden of Eden. In the foreground, there is even a snake in a tree that has fruit, like the serpent in Genesis.

      The 2019 yearly issue of The Economist was it's 33rd edition. The magazine comes 500 years after the death of Leonardo Da Vinci, who was esoterically inclined. It also comes 50 years after the moon landing - which is portrayed in the top right with a flying machine drawn by Da Vinci.

      The first thing to point out is Pinocchio - he’s lying.

      The cover art is labeled with backwards writing and requires a mirror to be read - a practice that is used in the occult, and inside elite circles like on Rothschild party invitations. This practice resembles the process that one must partake in to be illuminated.

      Angelina Jolie is labelled “Mona Angelina” backwards. Jolie has admitted to participating in satanic rituals, and she is a member of the Rockefeller owned Council on Foreign Relations.

      "Facial recognition, Britain Beyond Brexit", and "Ultima Thule" are labelled backwards. There is an electric car regarding climate change. #MeToo appears as a tattoo on the Vetruvian Man's chest. He is also wearing what appears to be a Virtual Reality headset.

      The virtual reality headset alludes to video games, and sticking to that theme; the four hands of the Vetruvian Man are holding the four other big distractions of the public: drugs, sports, social media, and social justice - you can see that the scale holding groups of people are unbalanced, representing social inequality.

      Then there are the four horsemen of the apocalypse - but also listed backwards. The third horse has Lady Liberty (see her crown, or corona in Latin) wearing a mask. Remember this is from early 2019.

      There is a pangolin, the most trafficked mammal in the world. The pangolin is suspected to be the first host of COVID-19.

      There is a stork carrying a newborn baby with a barcode printed on the sack. The barcode is a symbol of the sale and purchase, or trafficking, of children. The number printed is 737271-8839.

The last two digits, 39, are the number of books in the Old Testament.

The last four numbers have a sum of 28 (days in a month, 7 × 4)

8 + 8 + 3 + 9 = 28

The first six numbers have a sum of 27 (Books in New Testament, 27 Club)

7 + 3 + 7 + 2 + 7 + 1 = 27

The first six numbers in pairs equal 216 (Moon, astrology)

73 + 71 + 72 = 216

6 × 6 × 6 = 216

All ten numbers in pairs have a sum of 343

73 + 72 + 71 + 88 + 39 = 343

7 × 7 × 7 = 343

      Featured in Bloomberg Businessweek, Oct. 28, 2019:

      They named the file "-999x-999.gif", I kid you not. You should know 999 is just 666 upside down.