Allegory of the Cave

      Imagine a society where you were born inside a dark cave, and are well fed with the ripest fruit. All you know is the cave, as you have never left. The cave may as well be your entire universe, despite the fact that you do not know what a cave even is. But do not think the cave is all dark, for it is illuminated. There happens to be enthralling images projected onto the wall of the cave, which you and the entire society cannot seem to ignore. The images are beautiful and sad, the images tell stories and teach lessons.
      Suddenly, one of the members of this society stops watching the projections on the wall and stands up. He turns around and sees that the cave wall on the opposite side, behind them, had broken open for whatever reason. He entered through it and disappeared from the cave. When the man returned he spoke of conspiracy theories and told fantastic tales of an evil spirit that went against absolutely everything that the projections taught them - in fact, in direct condemnation of the projections as the illumination of this evil spirit.
      If this man was lucky enough to get back out of the cave with his life, he would be even luckier to have brought another person out of the cave. So what would they see? They enter through the hole in the wall of the cave… There are a few men in black robes behind the wall that they instantly recognize from the projections. They are holding the signs that form the shadows of the projections. Now they are wondering if the stories they told were really true. But where is the light coming from?
      They look behind the men with signs, and see a great pyramid inside of the cave with a mysterious eye on its cap, from which the bright light of the cave is gazing down at them. The eye speaks to them like a serpent, and tempts them with all sorts of power and pleasure. This is the evil spirit the first man saw. But another light, and a more powerful, and yet gentle, voice was speaking to them from beyond the pyramid. It called them to come forward. When they did, the light of the truth became visible: the outside world.
      Although the second voice was mighty, the light was only a shimmer. As the escapees approached, it was revealed to be a large boulder covering up where the light was coming from. Both men had to use all of their strength to move it. But when they finally removed the concealment, a light brighter and more beautiful than they had ever seen in their entire lives shone on them. They saw the trees of fruit from which they had been fed by their masters. Now they freely pick the fruit from the tree.
      Outside, they see all of the things that they saw in the projections, but in a totally different way. They see that those groups of men who held the signs had deceived them. And they realized they had been deceived about almost everything. This makes them all the more curious to explore further and find out what else had been hidden by the pyramid cult.
      The two escapees see a temple nearby surrounded by men in black cloaks worshipping a pyramid idol, like the ones who deceived them. These men in cloaks have the daughters and small children of the cave society in chains. Some of them are being raped, and some of them are being sadistically sacrificed to the pyramid.
      This is our position now; you and me are in the minority. The time has come to go back into the cave and free as many slaves (minds and souls) as we can. We must remember how although most of our brothers and sisters will not want to hear our words that stand against their projections; we will plant the seeds in the curious and open minds that do exist. We know they exist, because if you and I can leave the cave, others can too.

      This story is based on Plato's Allegory of the Cave. In a way, Plato seems to have predicted the television/media. The shadows on the wall of the cave is an ancient foresight.
      There are two great films based on the Allegory of the Cave; The Truman Show (1998) and The Matrix (1999). The films were released in the two years before the turn of the millennium - when the New World Order was about to march billions of people into the cave.
      Obviously the title of this work takes inspiration from The Matrix, but also The X-Files, likewise it was released in the 1990s. The famous phrase “The truth is out there” about government secrets and coverups was a great touch.